Train Location Service (TLS) upgrade

The Train Location Service (TLS) and Train Location Service – On Time Reporting (TLS-OTR) applications moved to the cloud on Sunday 17 January. If you’re using them, here’s what you need to know.

To ensure more reliable and stable user access, the back end of the Train Location Service (TLS) application has moved to the cloud. It will look the same and you’ll use it the same way.

If you have the application on your individual or shared computers, you’ll need to shut down and restart the application before Sunday 31 January.
Refer to these step by step instructions for the TLS and access the TLS-OTR via this new link.

If you’re based at the ROC: The TLS support team is available to provide technical assistance and can be contacted via the details below:

Jonathan Lau
0439 482 686
Available: 17 Jan to 22 Jan
Adnan Bhatty
0407 460 674
Available: 17 Jan to 22 Jan
Gary Shaw
0409 844 114
Available: 18 Jan to 22 Jan

If you’re based at other locations or working from home: Please contact the MyIT support teams either in-person, by phone 133 148 or via email:

If you are still having trouble, please contact one of the TLS support team members.

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