Staying cyber safe

Cyber criminals don’t take holidays so it’s important we remain alert at all times – find out more here.

Staying cyber safe is something we need to do all year-round. Cyber criminals don’t take holidays, so it’s important we stay alert to phishing emails, texts and phone calls at all times.

Password and MFA code
No one from Transport will ever ask you for your password or MFA code. MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) is the 6-digit code that is texted to you when you access email and other applications. As such, it’s important that you never give your password or MFA code to anyone.

What can I do to remain cyber safe?

• Never tell anyone your password, even if they say they are the MyIT Service Desk, a Manager, or an Executive.
• Never share your MFA code.
• Think before you click. Don’t click on links in emails from people or organisations that you don’t know or trust.
• Forward suspicious emails to
• Report suspicious phone calls to the MyIT Service Desk immediately:

  • From MyIT select ‘Something is broken’
  • Select ‘Incident’
  • Select ‘Log an Incident for Security’

Where can I get further information or support?
Please contact MyIT on 133 148 or

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