New tech based pilot takes off

Train Crewing’s Technology Enabled Workforce (TEW) program continues to improve how the branch works through its newest pilot – a trial of electronic Safety Critical Documents (eSCDS) at Penrith and Cronulla depots.

Cronulla driver Terry Stenner

The weekly ream of paper will be replaced with online documents that are accessed quickly and easily via a driver or guard’s iPad.

Prassanth Indrakumar has been heavily involved in rolling the pilot to Penrith and Cronulla depots and he believes moving the document pack online has several key benefits.

“I remember from my days as a driver having my backpack loaded with paper from the weekly SCDs. Now with the electronic version, information specific to your role and depot is sent directly to your iPad as it becomes available,” said Prassanth.

“This makes it easier to find the operational and safety information you need. There’s also a huge environmental benefit as we’re using far less paper.”

Echoing Prassanth’s sentiments about the eSCDs, Cronulla Driver Terry Stenner said: “I think it [the eSCD process] is an improvement in our way of working.”

“They’ve been good. They are easy to access and easy to acknowledge. I think it saves time and it’s all just there.”

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