ATP training kicks off at Mortdale

A key program of work under the 2020/21 Sydney Trains Strategy, the introduction of Automatic Train Protection (ATP), is an important system uplift to improve the safety of our network so our people go home safely at the end of each shift and every customer arrives safely at their destination.

ATP supports ‘safety at our core’ by monitoring a train’s speed and automatically alerting and/or applying a train’s brakes if required.

As part of ATP implementation, drivers undertake a comprehensive training course. On Saturday 16 January, ATP training commenced for Mortdale drivers to prepare them for NORMAL mode operation from Monday 18 January.

The training, which is being progressively rolled out along the Illawarra Line over the coming months, comprises two days of classroom-based learning with simulators, scenarios and e-learning modules and an additional on-board training day.

The on-board training component sees drivers supported by a Standards Competency Officer or Principal Driver for their first ATP enabled train shift. Being able to provide drivers with guidance and support and seeing them apply the theory-based training in a live environment is really fulfilling and gives us the opportunity to provide peace of mind and increase drivers’ confidence in ATP.

Adham Ghamrawi, Standards Competency Officer
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