Worksite protection improvements

From Sunday, 20 December changes took effect to the Absolute Signal Blocking (ASB) Network Rule and Procedure. These changes provide greater clarity in how worksite locations in the rail corridor are identified and protected when applying an ASB.

Signaller Trainers in Customer Operations and the Corridor Safety Centre team in Engineering & Maintenance worked closely with the Network Rules and Rail Corridor Safety teams in SEQR to prepare for the changes.

Network Rules Specialist Keith Aitchison at Clyde Hub delivering the training in upcoming ASB changes

In a collaborative effort across the branches about 3,000 Signallers, Protection Officers, Incident Rail Commanders and external contractor protection officers were trained. Signaller Trainers also got involved in the delivery of training sessions for Protection Officers – a first for Sydney Trains!

Animated videos on the changes have been produced by Kenny Nguyen in the Network Rules team and released on the RailSafe website.

Thanks go to the following people for their hard work in getting Sydney Trains and the wider rail industry ready for the rule changes:

Signaller Trainers, Customer Operations
• Peter Fredrickson, Area Controller, Broadmeadow
• Nigal Lloyd, Area Controller, Lithgow
• Carissa Costi, Manager Signalling Operations, Rail Operations Centre
• Brett Plain, Area Controller, Wollongong.
Network Rules and Rail Corridor Safety, SEQR
• Dave Craven, Rail Safety Mentor
• George Vasquez, Network Rules Specialist
• Kenny Nguyen, Network Rules Specialist
• Keith Aitchison, Network Rules Specialist
• Bruce Butt, Manager Network Rules.
Control & Coordination, Engineering & Maintenance
• Chris Polias, ICON Corridor Safety Manager, Corridor Safety Centre and his team.

Signaller Trainer Peter Fredrickson from Broadmeadow (top left) trains Protection Officers at Hornsby Network Base using the animated videos produced by Network Rules.
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